Vans (RED)


Vans (RED) is a sub brand of the popular skate shoe company which supports the (RED) initiative by bringing their consumer new products. While completing an audit of the current Vans brand and its product, I found it interesting that they do not currently produce skateboards. I felt that since they have been a prominent name in the skate scene for many years, they would have no trouble selling skateboards to their consumer, making the Vans (RED) line a great way to introduce them as a premium product.

My goal was to create a product with a different aesthetic than their current line. I pulled patterns from african art and applied them to skateboards and shoes. The purple and red colors are meant to represent the blood within the body and outside of the body, pulling back to (RED). Additional materials include product packaging for the Vans (RED) line and promotional posters to be distrubuted with the products.

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